With our quality hair extensions and wigs, it will not damage your natural hair. To ensure your weave or wig remain comfortable and last, it will require extra care and attention. Daily maintenance and attending to the overall condition of extensions weekly can help you extend longevity. We advise on the complete inspection of attachments every 3 to 6 weeks to continue enjoyment of your hair but also to prevent, knots; wear and tear. Invest in a quality shampoo, conditioner and treatment.

We advise on having extensions completed by experienced and skilled professionals in the hair industry. While extensions can be applied without assistance, it is often met with much difficulty, increasing risk of problems. The availability of the A-clip on is easier to attach with the help of a relative or friend. Assistance is required upon insertion of heat based products such as Nail-Hair.

Wearing your wig daily will require a thorough clean every 8 to 12 days. Factors that will influence when your wig needs a good wash include its style, the impact of the external environment, and general hygiene.

Brushing a wig should start by lightly picking the ends and brushing through these strands. We recommend brushing from the ends, particularly for long length wigs, and making your way up to the tops.

Reduce Damage By Using:

  • A flexible brush with large teeth
  • Hair picks that eliminate resistance and tugs
  • Combs with teeth that are wider apart to prevent tangles

• Your wig comes in a protective mesh. Before placing the piece on your head, give it a gentle shake to facilitate air flow through the hair fibers.

• For short hair, brush back and position behind your ears before placement. For longer locks, distribute and pin-up evenly to remove any bumps and then apply the wig. A wig cap can be used for convenience.

• Hold your wig along the sides with the label facing the back. Place in the middle of your forehead and move from the front to the back. Ear tabs are included to correctly position the product. Your wig should never be positioned too far forward on your head as it will appear unnatural.

• Avoid placing the wig over your ears and create a neat appearance by tucking away stray hairs.

Your wig may frizz when exposed to moisture. Steam from a curling iron, dishwasher, opening the oven and the hairdryer may cause this issue. Avoid friction such as rubbing your hair against the back of a chair.

It is not a good idea to swim with your wig and extensions should only be exposed to water soaks when washed. To improve the longevity of your extension, only swim for short periods and dry thoroughly. For wigs and weaves, the chemicals in swimming pools can cause damage to the hair fibers. Chemical reactions can cause breakage and color changes. Matting and knots are also possible

It is not advised to sleep with your wig on. It will result in friction between your head and the pillow that includes matting, tangling and frizz. Apply a soft sleep cap for comfort while sleeping.