15 Dermatologist Approved Skincare Tips for the Best Skin of Your Life

15 Dermatologist Approved Skincare Tips for the Best Skin of Your Life

When it comes to knowing stuff about your skin, nobody does it better than a dermatologist. And rightly so, as they are the experts in this field and know your skin in and out.

Every dermatologist has their own share of tips and tricks when it comes to dealing with skincare, so in this article, we are going to summarize some of the tips experts in this field swear by. So let us get started right away!

1. Wear sunscreen at all times: One thing you should never compromise on is wearing sunscreen. Whether the sun is out or not, using an ample amount of sunscreen is a must.

2. Identify your skin type: It is important to understand your skin type before you start building a skincare routine. Your skin can be oily, dry, sensitive, normal, combination, or acne-prone.

3. Moisturize often: Even if you are running late and skipping all other skincare routine steps, please do not skip your moisturizer, ever.

4. Eat well: Your skin is a depiction of whatever goes on within your body. The better you eat, the better your skin will be.

5. Cleanse twice a day: The first step in your morning and night skincare routine should be cleansing, as it removes any dirt and toxins present on your skin.

6. Hydrate at night: If your main concern is hydration, tackle it during your night skincare routine instead of morning, as your skin tends to absorb more during the night.

7. Prefer cleansing cloths over face wipes: Not only are cleansing cloths better at removing toxins from your skin, but are also better for the environment.

8. Exfoliate: Exfoliating twice a week will get rid of all those dead skin cells that end up clogging your pores and causing breakouts.

9. Sheet-mask often: The easiest care for your skin you can do by yourself is to apply a sheet mask once a week to maximize hydration.

10. Layer products from thinnest to thickest: Use the thickest formula at the end and the thinnest at the start of your skincare routine, for maximum absorption.

11. Treat dark spots using Vitamin C: Apply Vitamin C as soon as you spot a dark spot, as melanin tends to dig deep into your skin over time.

12. Use retinol to boost collagen production: Using retinol might sting in the beginning, so slowly introduce it into your skincare routine and start seeing its benefits.

13. Take your time: Instead of rushing through your skincare routine, give every product its fair share of time to properly absorb and penetrate deep into your skin layers.

14. Never sleep with your makeup on: Honestly, it does not get any easier than this. The best thing you can do to your skin is to remove all the makeup before sleeping at night.

15. Get your beauty sleep: An 8 hour long uninterrupted peaceful sleep will get you the glow that no product can ever provide.

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