7 Hair Care Tips You Have To Follow

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The first step to having gorgeous and healthy hair is eating a good diet, but with that (rather difficult) step aside, there are seven other things you can do to help keep your hair healthy, prevent breakage, and keep it shining in a healthy and vibrant way. Here are some tips to get you on the right track to great hair:

  • When combing wet hair, do so with extreme caution. Everyone wants to start from the root, but you will be less likely to pull or break your hair if you start from the ends and work your way up, working through tangles as you go along. Take a broad toothed comb to your wet hair and be as gentle as possible.
  • About ¼ inches should be taken off your ends every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid split ends. Taking off this length will
    hardly be noticeable yet your hair will maintain its health!
  • It’s not actually necessary, or encouraged, to wash your hair everyday. Get in the shower as you normally would, but only wash your hair every other day for the most pristine locks you can have. When you do wash, always condition, focusing especially on the ends. Try to find a shampoo and condition from the same brand—there’s a reason they have a two-step system!
  • When you condition your hair, always wash with cold water. It will help remove it more quickly and it will also lead to better strength and shine!
  • If you’re responsible, you probably read the nutrition label on food items before purchasing, but when was the last time you picked up a shampoo bottle and gave it the run-through before throwing it in your cart? Over the past decade, consumers and companies alike have become much more aware of the dangers (to your hair and body) that parabens and sulfates pose. You can find chemical-free shampoos and conditioners everywhere, even on the shelves of your largest chain grocery store. The price is actually quite comparable to a quality shampoo, and your body and hair will thank you!
  • Dry hair should be treated with a lot of care. That means, avoid coloring it and use a coconut mask treatment to
    help re-hydrate it.
  • Here’s your final tip: Every day, we lose about 150 to 200 strands on average. That means you shouldn’t be
    panicking if you see lose hairs in your brush, in the sink, or on your clothes. It doesn’t mean you need to
    change up your hair care routine.

In addition to these tips, be careful about using heat and chemical products to style your hair. They may make you look good for the day, but in the long run, they are very damaging.

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